Desc: Drilling & Milling Machine

Item #: 383002

Model: ZX7550CW

1.The ZX7550CW has both vertical and horizontal milling.
2. The powerful double-speed motor of the drilling and milling machine has eight rotating speeds.
3. The maximum drilling depth, maximum end milling capacity and maximum tapping ability are respectively 50MM, 100MM and M16.

4.Our drilling and milling machine has sound processing property, which is used to manufacture and process tools, molds and fixtures for various enterprises.

Item No.383002
Max. drilling dia.50mm
Max. end milling dia.100mm
Max. vertical milling dia.25mm
Max. tapping dia.M16
Distance from spindle nose to table surface70-420 mm
Spindle speed range110-1760(V) / 38-1335(H)
Spindle travel120mm
Table size800X240 mm
Table travel400X230 mm
Motor power0.85/1.5kW (V),  2.2kW (H)
Packing size114X122X222 cm
N.W. / G.W.850/1050kg
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