Desc:CNC Boring and Milling Machine

Item #: 383220


  1. Large size working table and transverse long travel design, is perfect equipment to process medium and small tank.
  2. Heavy loaded linear guideways on X.Y axis, rectangular hardened guideways on Z axis, ensure maximum accuracy and high quality load capacity.
  3. With 4th axis(B), PROCESS 360 degree division, can process space curvers and different positions working.
  4. The CNC boring and milling machine TXK160/160B is a fixed-column horizontal type. It features high precision and high efficiency, can realize X/Y/Z axes simultanceous motion, finishes drilling, milling, and so on.
  5. The machine uses a lengthened operating platform and long transverse design. Our tube and profile end grinder is especially suitable for processing middle and long shells and box-shaped parts.
  6. The X/Y/Z axes use an overloading linear guide way and servo control. They have the advantages of strong bearing capacity, quick movement speed, accurate positioning and sound dynamic performance.
  7. He basic parts of our CNC boring and milling machine use a high-rigidity and symmetrical box structure like HT300 casting, which is of sound anti-seismic performance and high stability.
  8. Our CNC boring and milling machine can be equipped with a B-axis of the fourth one, automatically conduct the equally divided positioning, and process complex parts at different directions and angles.
  9. According to needs, our CNC boring and milling machine can deploy the tool magazine and complete various combined processing for complex parts.
  10. TXK160B has a rotary work table
Item No.383220
Table size1300X600mm
X axis travel1050mm,1500mm(Optional)
Y axis travel800mm
Z axis travel500mm
Spindle taperBT50
Spindle speedMax.3000rpm
Spindle motor power5.5/7.5kW
Positioning accuracy±0.015mm
Repositioning accuracy±0.005mm
X/Y/Z axis high traverse18000mm/min
X/Y axis feed speed1-3000mm/min
Z axis feed speed1-3000mm/min
SystemMitsubishi E60 M64AS Fanuc,etc.
Overall dimensions2650X3000X2500mm
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