Desc:CNC Boring and Milling Machine

Item #: 383217


1.The CNC Boring and milling machine is with roller type vertical and horizonal guide ways.

2.Four-axis simultaneous motion can process complex surfaces and meet the production requirements of high-end product .

3.Double pitch worm and gear can control the rotation of operation planform to reach the linkage precision.

4.Assembled a 40-tool-chain automatically changing system.The replacement times is 13 seconds.

Item No.383217
Table size800X800mm
X axis travel1200mm
Y axis travel120mm
Z axis travel1000mm
Max.table load1200kg
Spindle taperBT50
Spindle speed12000rpm
Spindle motor power5.5/7.5kW
X/Y/Z axis feed speed1-5000mm/min
X/Z axis hIgh traverse12000mm/min
Y axis hIgh traverse10000mm/min
X/Y/Z axis positioning accuracy0.01mm
X/Y/Z axis repositioning accuracy0.005mm
B axis rotary degree360°
Tool magazineChain 40T knife library
SystemMitsubishi E60,Fanuc,etc
Overall dimensions6000X5800X3500mm
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