Desc:  Belt Grinder

Item #: 389003

Model: PRS-76

  1. Our tube and profile end grinder is especially suitable for burnishing various pipe materials and special-shaped parts.
  2. The clamp mouth of tube and profile end grinder features multi-angle rotational positioning any diameter from 20-76 mm
  1. It has the advantage of arc cutting which is ideal for pipe-shaped parts
  2. It has many optional molds of various specifications which are suitable for arc cutting of different-diameter pipe materials.
  3. Easy operation, rotating design
  4. Grinds at any angle from 30 to 90 degree,
  5. Grinds any diameter from 20 to 76mm
  6. Grinds all major materials
  7. Suitable for tubes and profiles
  8. Standard roller: dia.28mm
Item No.389003
Motor power3KW
Adjustable slide200x75mm
Grinding ares30°to 90°
Belt size100x2000mm
Belt speed30m/sec
Packing size130x64x44cm

Standard accessories:

  1. 28mm roller
  2. Tools

Optional accessories:

Special roller size

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