Desc: Hydraulic Tube Bender

Item #: 375010

Model: HTB-1000

  1. The electric hydraulic pipe bender HTB-1000 has a handle to control the travel of cylinder easily.
  2. It has various dies to bend different pipes.
  3. Dies available in 120º and 240º
  4. Aluminum bronze bushing at pivot points
  5. Run approximately 3x’s faster than air/hydraulic units
ITEM NO.ModelCapacityAnglePacking dimension (cm)N.W./G.W.(kg)
3745010HTB-10003/4”-2”120º /240º140X70X116102/154

Standard accessories:

Standard dies: 1”X3”,1-1/2”X5”, 1-3/4”X6” in 120º

Optional accessories:

  1. Round dies: 3/4”X3”,7/8”X3”,1”X3”,1-1/8”X3”,1-1/4”X4”,1-1/2”X4”,1-1/2”X5’,1-5/8”X5”, 1-3/4”X6”, 2”X6”
  2. Square dies: 3/4”X3”,1”X4”, 1-1/4”X5”,1-1/2”X6”.
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