Desc: Metal Cutting Band saw

Item #: 388126

Model: BS-650G

  1. CNC automatic feeding and cutting
  2. With hydraulic clamping vice
  3. With automatic rotary saw bow
  4. 4.With deceleration variable frequency motor
  5. The maximum length of an automatic feed us to 650mm
  6. The maximum processing capability is 18 inch.
  7. The precise CNC band saw BS-650G has a hydraulic control system that can automatically feed and clap materials, rotate, cut.
  8. Our CNC band saw has a variable speed gear motor that determines the rotation rate of saw blade.
  9. Hydraulic pressure controls the rotation of saw bow. The maximum feeding length is 650mm
  10. The cooling system of our CNC band saw prolong the service life of saw blade and improve the precision of the workpiece
CapacityCircular @90°460mm(18”)
Rectangular @90°650mmx350mm
Circular @60°(Right)310mm
Rectangular @60°(Right)310x350mm
Circular @45°(Left & Right)460mm
Rectangular @45°(Left & Right)460x350mm
Blade speed23-95rpm
Blade size34×1.1x5220mm
Motor3.0 kW
Packing size293x220x200cm
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