Desc:  Vertical Machining Center

Item #: 383215


  1. Our vertical machine center VMC8046 features high-speed and a precise spindle unit. It ensures high precision, high efficiency and long service life.
  2. Direct connection of three servo motors and ball screw by coupler has the advantages of minimum transmission error, nonexistence of rotation difference, and sound dynamic property.
  3. The prestretching of the screw can improve the rigidity of power transmission system.
  4. Our vertical machine center VMC8046 uses a rolling guide at X and Y directions to speed up the movement and make a rapid response. It uses a broadly rectangular rolling guide at Z direction with the surface hardened and plastic-coated for bearing a large cutting area.
  5. The bamboo-hat type magazine tool can realize automatic tool changing. Multi processing featured with a high degree of automation can be achieved after clamping the workpiece.
  6. The screw guide way uses sound and automatic clearance lubrication to ensure the motion accuracy of the functional parts and extends the service life.
  7. Our vertical machine center VMC8046 uses a cost-effective CNC system featured with online functions to realize man-machine interaction and get high intelligentization.
  8. Rectangular sliding hardened guideways on Z axis
  9. High-quality linear guideways ensure maximum accuracy.
Item No.383215
Table size(LXW)1000X550mm
Max.table load800kg
Spindle taperBT40
Spindle speed500-8000rpm
Spindle motor power5.5/7.5kW
X axis travel800mm,1050mm(Optional)
Y axis travel440mm
Z axis travel500mm
X/Y/Z axis rapid feed speed12000mm/min
X/Y axis feed speed1-3200mm/min
Z axis feed speed1-2000mm/min
Positioning accuracy±0.015mm
Repositioning accuracy±0.005mm
CNC systemMitsubishi,Fanuc,Siemens etc.(Optional)
Tools No.16
Overall dimensions2500X2300X2700mm
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