Desc:  Vertical Machining Center

Item #: 383115


1.Vertical machining center is Wide machine bed and heavy duty column ensure rigidity and stability

  1. All 3 axes are equipped with roller-type linear guide ways; enlarge load capacity, structural rigidity and damping capacity. Also ensure machine driven precision and stability
  2. Floating cushion back cutter structure for protecting the bearings
  3. Oil separation structure prevent coolant from damage
  4. With 20-station tool changer, fast tool changes and high efficiency.
  5. Our vertical machine center VMC10562 features a huge base and high-strength column for ensuring the machine tools’ rigidity and stability.
  6. The X/Y/Z axes use a roll-on linear guide way to improve their weight taking, structural rigidity and damping capacity. This also guarantees its transmission accuracy and stability.
  7. Our vertical machine center has the advantage of float-type buffering tools structure. As a result, the damage of spindle bearing upon tool changing can be avoided and its service life is improved.
  8. The oil-water separation structure can avoid the decomposition of coolant, improve its service life and save on cost..
  9. Our vertical machine center has a 24 sets circular tool magazine, which can effectively shorten the tool changing time.
  10. The lead screw guide way uses sound and automatic clearance lubrication to ensure the motion accuracy of functional parts and extends the service life.
  11. The enclosed electric cabinet aided with air circulation design has the advantages of dust prevention, ventilation and sound cooling effect.
  12. .X/Y/Z three axis adopt rolling column straight guide way, improve the capacity of three axis supporting, structure rigidity and self-reducing shakes ability, guarantee the drive accuracy and stability of machine tool.
  13. Floating cushion cutter structure, it can avoid the spindle bearing damaged by impact when changing the cutter.
Item No.383216
Table size(LXW)1000X550mm
Max.table load800kg
Spindle taperBT40
Spindle speed500-8000rpm
Spindle motor power11kW(15HP)
X axis travel1050mm
Y axis travel620mm
Z axis travel610mm
X/Y/Z axis rapid feed speed24000mm/min
X/Y axis feed speed6-3200mm/min
Z axis feed speed1-8000mm/min
Positioning accuracy±0.015/300mm
Repositioning accuracy±0.003mm
CNC systemMitsubishi,Fanuc,Siemens etc.(Optional)
Tools No.24
Overall dimensions2800X2800X2850mm
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