1. The PNM 1-1/2 horizontal pipe cutter is used for slitting the piping materials to make them easier for the jointing upon welding.
      2. The PNM 1-1/2 features easy operation, quick processing speed, small size and flexibility which is ideal for cutting piping materials.
      3. It can process general piping materials whose external diameter ranges from 3/4 ” to 3″. The maximum rotated angle can be 50°.
      4. The PNM 1-1/2 is characterized by CNC precision processing, 1 1/4 ” steel structure and adjustable clamping mouth. It is light and simple and can be fixed on a table or bench clamp.
      5. The PNM 1-1/2 machine needs to have a hole pitch in corresponding size and cooperate with 1/2 ” hand drill to realize the functions of straight notch, angle notch and offset notch.
    Item No.376210
    Capacity1/2” to 2”
    Motor1 HP AC Motor 15A
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