Desc: 14” Wood Band saw

Item #: 571007

Model: TBS-457

  1. The precision wood cutting band saw is a vertical type
  2. 330mm Re-Saw capacity: Largest re-saw capacity for slicing veneers, book matched projects and lumber sizing.
  3. Quick release blade tension:Quickly release the blade tension when changing blades or when machine is off, increasing blade life
  4. 406x546mm work table: Large work space for your material
  5. Edge facing thrust bearings: Extends blade life and improves stability
  6. 2 Speeds 440/900 m/min: Allows cutting of non-ferrous materials
  7. Hinged blade guide with sight window: Easy access blade changes and workpiece visibility
  8. 99mm dust port: Attach your dust collection system for a cleaner work environment
  9. Blade tension window: Check your blade tension without opening the door
  10. Heavy duty fence with drift adjustment: Blade drift in your workpiece can be easily adjusted. The fence can be mounted right or left of the blade; includes re-saw bar.
  11. The saw blade of the woodcutting bandsaw has a fine-tuning guide bearing to ensure the cutting precision.
  12. There is a wheel gear and toothed ring under the large working table which facilitates the rotation. The wood cutting bandsaw is equipped with a movable guide rail on the working table.
  13. The wood cutting band saw can be combined with a dust collection device whose bore diameter is 99MM so it can maintain a clean environment.
Item No.571007
Cutting capacityHeight3305 mm
Width467 mm
Length3607 mm
TableSize533×483 mm
Left tilt10°
Right tilt45°
Groove “T” slot(2)10×19 mm
Height to floor1959 mm
Speed capacity2
Speed range460/980 m/min
OverallHeight1930 mm
Width969 mm
Depth694 mm
Net weight176 kgs
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