Desc: Electric shearing maching

Item #: 386101

Model: Q11-3X1250

  1. Metal Electric Shearing Machinery with Bench angle-stop
  2. Has safty nets at rear of the machine.
  3. 24V pedal switch of electric shearing machine is safe and easy to operate.
  4. Our electric shearing machine features high precision, high efficiency and stability.
  5. The smaller shearing angle ensures the shearing precision of the workpiece.
  6. Standard series electric shearing machine is equipped with a manual blocking device and counter readout device which can achieve accurate adjustment.
Item No.386101
Max. shearing thickness(mm)3.0
Max. shearing width(mm)1250
Shearing angle
No. of stroke(per minute)30
Motor power(kW)3
Back gauge(mm)630
Packing size(mm)184x103x135
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