Desc: Belt Grinder

Item #: 389013

Model: PRS-76A

  1. Steady Tri-angle stand with 8 sets roller holder
  2. Two optional speeds fulfill different requirements.
  3. Standard roller: dia. 30mm
  4. Our tube and profile end grinder is especially suitable for burnishing various pipe materials and special-shaped parts.
  5. The clamp mouth of tube and profile end grinder features multi-angle rotational positioning
  6. Grinds at any angle from 30 to 90 degree, any diameter from 20-76 mm
  7. It has the advantage of arc cutting which is ideal for pipe-shaped parts
  8. It has many optional molds of various specifications which are suitable for arc cutting of different-diameter pipe materials.
Item No.389013
Motor power2.2/2.8kW
Adjustable slide200x75mm
Grinding ares30°to 90°
Belt size100x2000mm
Belt speed15m/sec, 30m/sec
Packing size137x62x66cm

Standard accessories:

  1. 30mm roller
  2. Tools

Optional accessories:

Special roller size

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