HP-60 Hydraulic Press


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    1. With mobile cylinder

    2. Motorized hydraulic drive

    3. 2-steps hydraulic unit

    4. With V-blocks worktable

    5. Hand pump with double operation

    6. Ideal for repair and assembly work


    Item No.382301382302382303
    Capacity600 kN1000 kN1600 kN
    Max. pressure23.5 mpa27 mpa27 mpa
    Max. stroke410 mm410 mm410 mm
    Max. working width750 mm920 mm1100 mm
    Motor power2.2 kW3 kW3 kW
    Press speed2.2 mm/sec2.7 mm/sec2.3 mm/sec
    Return speed12.7 mm/sec12.3 mm/sec12 mm/sec
    Forward speed9.2 mm/sec9.2 mm/sec9.2 mm/sec
    Oil tank Volume30 mm30 mm30 mm
    Flow rate3.3/13.5 l/min5.8/19.6 l/min7.3/28.4 l/min
    Packing size170x100x210 cm187x100x248 cm215x120x258 cm
    N.W./G.W.840/980 kg1340/1500 kg1900/2100 kg

    Standard accessories: 

    1. V-block

    2. Pressure head

    3. Sealing element


    Optional accessories:

    1.Lifting appliance

    2.Protective screening

    3. Foot pedal switch

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