4H Drilling And Milling Machine


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    1.It has vertical milling

    2.Milling head swivels ±45°in front/back and ±90° in left/right
    3.Manual lubricate system
    4. Rotary table is optional


    Item No.383121
    Table size254 x 1270 mm
    Long travel780 mm
    Cross travel420 mm
    Vertical travel420 mm
    T-slot No and size3 x 16
    Distance from spindle nose to table surface80 - 400 mm
    Spindle hole taperR8
    Spindle travel127 mm
    Spindle speed75 - 4550 r/min
    Auto.quill feedThree steps: 0.04 / 0.08 / 0.15 mm/ revolution
    Spindle motor2.2 kW
    Head swivel90°
    Head tilting45°
    Packing size157 x 165 x 210 mm
    Weight1300 kg


    Standard accessories:

    Tools, draw bar, working light, coolant system

    Optional accessories:

    Power feeding, digital readout, vise, clamping kit   

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    *It has vertical milling
    *Milling head swivels ±45°in front/back and ±90° in left/right
    *Manual lubricate system
    *Rotary table is optional