Desc: Tube Notcher

Item #: 376201

Model: PN -1/2A

  1. This precision pipe notcher is a useful fixure for your drill press, allowing you to make round cuts in pipe and tubing of kinds shapes at any angle from 0-45or 60°(AL)0-60°(steel)
  2. Sturdy and durable steel frame holds your work-pieces rigid during operation
  3. Base is adaptable to any worktable and is especially suitable to be mounted on drill presses.
  4. The base may be swivelled and rotated, which in conjunction with the adjustable pipe holder makes cutting compound angles easily.
ITEM NO.ModelTube CapacitySpindleSpindle AdopterPacking dimension (cm)N.W./G.W.(kg)
376201 PN-1/2A2”1/2”1/2” to 5/8”30X17.5X11.52.8/3
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