Desc:Plasma Cutting Machine

Item #: 386503

Model: PC 4’X4′

  1. It could cut iron, aluminum, galvanized sheet, steel, Ti-gold and other conductive metals with high efficiency.
  2. Fully welded main frame
  3. Industrial cable track
  4. Hardened ground slideways with wipers on X and Y axis
  5. High quality stepper motor on X and Y axis
  6. With hand held control
  7. With USB interface can work without computer
  8. Includes easy to use programming software
  9. PC 5’X10′ with dust exhaust system can collect the draff, smoke and dust with high efficiency
Item No.386503
Cutting area (mm)1220 x 1220
Cutting thickness (mm)(40A)≤10
Cutting speed (mm/min)0 – 6000
Z-Axis feeding height (mm)150
Cutting precision (per 1000mm)±1mm
Drive system lead screw
Power (kw)11.5,18.5,30
Packing size (mm)
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