Item #: 373163

Model: PBB1020/3SH

  1. With foot control. It is easy for operation and relax hands for adjusting the material.
  2. Bow handle for bending beam rotation
  3. Adjustable bending angle stop with scale up to 150°.
  4. Both the upper and lower blade of our precision folding machine can be dismantled for use.
  5. Our precision folding machine can choose a combination of upper blades according to the abnormity degree and length of the workpiece.
  6. A fully developed quick release system for the clamp beam segment ensures fast interchangeability
  7. The folding beams are fitted with a counterbalance and angle stop to provide a perfect and effective operation within the full capacity of the machine.
  8. The optional back-gauge can be easily mounted when using the pre-drilled fixing points.
Item No.373163
Max. working length(mm)1020
Max. sheet thickness(mm)2.0
Max. clamping bar lift(mm)45
Folding angle150°
Packing size(cm)142X59X142
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