EMO 2019 is held during Sep 16-21 in Hannover, Germany.  We have 2 different booths, the booth No. is Hall 15 C06 and H13 E44.

EMO is the most important and biggest machine tool exhibition in Europe, it’s also very important in the world. We start to attend the EMO exhibition since 2003, we have 2 different booths in different hall since 2008 to meet different customers’ requirements as we have more than 800 various products and EMO Exhibition Hall is so large. Normally we have one booth at the Hall 15 for the Sheet metal working machines and Band Saws, another one is in the Hall 13 for Drilling & Milling. If you find two booth of TTMC in EMO, don’t worry, it’s possible and normal. Welcome you to visit our two booths, you can know more about us well.



2019 EMO
Created date: 2019-09-17
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