Desc: Electric shearing maching

Item #: 386202

Model: HQ11-4.5X2000

  1. 1.Hydraulic shearing machine i with CNC back gauge system and is availble to give higher precision
  2. The hydraulic shearing machines are ideal equipment for sheet and nonferrous sheet metal manufacture
  3. 3.Blade clearance is easily set by a manually operated”quick set” ,the cutting angle can be adjusted
  4. 4.It adopts hydraulic driving ,low cutting angle and shearing direction to reduce bowing and twist to a minimum value.
Item No.386202
Max. shearing thickness(mm)4.5
Max. shearing width(mm)2000
Shearing angle
No. of stroke(per minute)18
Motor power(kW)7.5
Back gauge(mm)630(electric)
Packing size(mm)285x116x185
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