Desc: Hydraulic Press Machine

Item #: 382001

Model: HP-30

  1. The hydraulic press has various functions that can conduct assembling, dismantling, bending, punching, etc. for machine parts
  2. The hydraulic press uses Italian CNK and CBZ oil pumps, which can save more than 60% energy when compared to the traditional hydraulic press. It features high efficiency, small size, high pressure, simple structure and it light weight
  3. The working table can be moved up and down which greatly lengthen the running height of the machine and facilitates its operation
Item No.382001
Capacity300 kN
Pressure25 mpa
Piston Travel / Table travel200 + 270 mm
Motor power3 kW
Table size300×400 mm
N.W./G.W.420/650 kg
Dimension for body123x55x160 cm
Dimension for hydraulic stationIn package of body
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