Desc: Bead bending machine

Item #: 373804

Model: ETB-40

  1. The Bead bending machine makes swaged plate, connection and so on of circular pipes, which refer to crushing the thin plates into the ribs in certain shapes.
  2. The rigidity of the plates, pipes or metal components is strengthened.
  3.  Steel welded construction frame
  4.  Adjustable idle roller
  5.  Steel shaft with bronze bushings
  6. Reduction motor with brake system
  7. Movement of rollers with foot pedal
  8. Complete with stand
  9. 4 sets standard rollers
Item No.373804
Thickness max4mm
Cylinder length165mm
Throat depth300mm
Cylinder speed15.3rpm
Motor power2.2Kw
Net weight341kg
Packing size165x58x140cm
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