Desc: Circular Saw

Item #: 388021


  1. The HSS saw blade of our circular saw is highly efficient and durable.
  2. The 24V low-voltage controlled hand switch is convenient for operation
  3. The double clamp structure can quickly clamp materials and rotate 45°from side to side for cutting.
  4. Our circular saw features a double speed motor and with low noise can slow down through worm and gear.
  5. The safety hood of saw blade opens or closes according to the cutting needs, making it safety.
  6. The cooling system of circular saw can prolong the service life of saw blade and improve the precision of the workpiece.

7.Vice complete with anti-burr device,Movable head 45° right and left

8.Reduction unit in oil bath,Membrane pump for coolant

Item No.388021
Max. blade size250mm(9.8”)
CapacityCircular     @90°60mm(2.36’’)
Rectangular @90°75x45mm(3”x1.77”)
Circular    @45°55mm(2.16”)
Rectangular @45°55x45mm(2.16”x1.77”)
Blade speed @50HZ42rpm
Vice opening100mm(4”)
Motor power1.1kW  1.5HP
Packing size89x58x74cm(body)  77x46x33cm(stand)
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