Desc:Full-auto bandsaw

Item #:388127


  1. High-capacity band control by two-speed motor
  2. Vertical rotation on bolt with adjustable tapered bearings without backlash
  3. Band stretching is obtained by electro-mechanical blade tensioner with microswitch
  4. It is the precise sawing machine features European design and large size.
  5. It is European design band saw has the advantage of double speed selection.
  6. It is characterized by manual/automatic operation mode.
  7. The saw bow can rotate around.
  8. The European design band saw has power break device (the machine will automatically power off when the rear protective cover is opened).
  9. The falling speed of saw bow is controlled by hydraulic cylinder.
  10. It is equipped with a block feeder (with fixed saw length).
  11. The European design band saw has sizing device (the machine will automatically stop after sawing the materials).
  12. The hydraulic system of the European design band saw automatically controls the up and down of saw bow and the tightness and looseness of the jaw.
  13. The cooling system of the European design band saw can prolong the service life of saw blade and improve the precision of the workpiece.
  14. The European design band saw has an optional PLC system.
  15. Automatic feeding and clamping
  16. Metric and inch two kinds of feeding length can be selected
  17. 3m length feeding and back platform
  18. With manual defend net, can protect operator’s safety effectively
  19. Effective width of feeder stand:460mm
  20. Height of feeder stand:850mm
  21. Max.feeding (single): 500mm
CapacityCircular @90°330mm(13”)
Rectangular @90°460x250mm(18”x9.8”)
Circular @60°(Right)205mm(8”)
Rectangular  @60°(Right)205x250mm(8”x9.8”)
Circular @45°(Left & Right)305mm(12”)
Rectangular @45°(Left & Right)305x250mm(12’x9.8”)
Blade speed@50Hz40/80MPM
Blade size27X0.9X3960mm
Packing size250x230x163cm
  1. Manual defend net
  2. Stand
  3. Tools
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