Desc: Metal Cutting Band saw

Item #: 388016

Model: BS-170G

  1. European design band saw features European design, dovetail-type clamp movement and locking mechanism
  2. It features quick adjusting vise for angular cuts-the saw frame swivels, not the material
  3. Rigid cast-iron design with steel base serving as utility shelf
  4. Two speeds for optimum cutting of metal.
  1. The saw bow can rotate from 0° to 45°, it has the characteristics of worm gear box transmission structure
  2. The calibration of the jaw is convenient for adjustment and positioning at any angle (Scale on the vise allows easy adjustments for angle cuts)
  3. The falling speed of saw bow is controlled by hydraulic cylinder
  4. The European design band saw has a sizing device (machine will stop automatically after sawing materials)
  5. The European design band saw has power break protection device (machine will power off automatically when the rear protective cover is opened)
  6. Cooling system of the European design band saw can prolong the service life of saw blade and improve the precision of work piece
  7. It is equipped with a block feeder (with fixed sawing length)
Item No.388016
CapacityCircular @90°170mm(6.7”)
Rectangular @90°170x200mm (6.7”x7.8”)
Circular @60°70mm(2.7”)
Rectangular @60°60x60mm (2.3”x2.3”)
Circular @45°120mm(4.7”)
Rectangular @45°110x110mm (4.3”x4.3”)
Blade speed@50Hz2P,80MPM 262FPM
@60Hz4P,40MPM 131FPM
Blade size20X0.9X2085mm
Motor power0.75/1.1kw  1/1.5HP(3PH)
Packing size125x72x100cm
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