Desc:Miter bandsaw

Item #:388005


  1. The maximum processing capacity is 128 mm (5”).
  2. Light-weight design, easy to carry to any work sites
  3. Down feed system design and swiveling work show
  4. This band saw features a belt drive and 3-speed conversion.
  5. The falling speed of saw bow is controlled by hydraulic cylinder and the saw bow can rotate from -45° to +60°
  6. It features quick and fixed clamping
  7. Has rollers on bottom of stand, can be moved freely
  8. With a sizing device (machine will stop automatically after sawing materials)
  9. It is equipped with a block feeder (with fixed sawing length)
Item No.388005
CapacityCircular @90°128mm(5”)
Rectangular @90°128x150mm(5”x6”)
Circular @60°44mm(1.75”)
Rectangular @60°44x56mm(1.75”x2.19”)
Circular @45°95mm(3.75”)
Rectangular @45°75x95mm(3”x3.7”)
Blade speed@60Hz24,35,61MPM
Blade size13×0.6x1638mm
Motor power375W 1/2HP(3PH), 375W 1/2HP(1PH)
Packing size96x54x61cm
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