Desc: Combination of Shear, Brake & Roll

Item #: 371001

Model: 3-IN-1/305

  1. Ideal combination machine for sheet metal machining to length of 305mm and thickness of 1.0mm cutting stop
  2. Roll bending starting with diameter of 39mm
  3. Folding with max. Angle of 90°
    4. Adjustable rear stop
  4. Heavy Cast Iron Frame
Item No.371001
Bed width (mm)305
Max. shearing thickness (mm)1.0
Max. bending thickness (mm)1.0
Max. Bending angle90°
Max. Rolling thickness (mm)1.0
Min. Rolling dia. (mm)39
Packing size (cm)49x33x42
N.W. / G.W. (kg)43/45

Standard accessories:

  1. Back gauge
  2. Handle

Optional accessories:

No optional accessories.

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